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Why Own a Heavyweight Waste Franchise?


Heavyweight Waste Dumpster Bin

Heavyweight Waste represents a rare opportunity to join a company that is disrupting an industry. The rapidly growing company offers:


Scalable business-to-business service


Recurring revenue


Minimal competition


Positive environmental contribution


Strong customer relationships


Real economic benefits for customers

The business is delivered through independently owned franchises that are growing by building strong relationships with clients who provide repeatable revenue.

How are we different?

1. Bigger cans.

We’re used to doing things a little differently. Heavyweight Waste has much larger containers that are unique in the waste industry. These big containers decrease the frequency of hauling.

2. Lower Costs.

Fewer hauls mean lower costs, and we share the savings with our customers.

3. Better Service.

In another industry-first, you never have to call for a pickup. We monitor the waste in customer’s container and coordinate all hauls. Our Premier Customer Service saves customers time and hassle. Customers’ containers don’t overflow, and their property stays neat. Our simple pricing is also unusual. It is easy to understand and doesn’t include the confusing nuisance fees charged by others.

4. Simple Pricing

Unlike most haulers, our pricing model is simple and straightforward. No hidden fees, no surprise charges, just a vendor you can trust.

5. Good for the Environment.

Fewer hauls means fewer trucks on the road, significantly reducing CO2 emissions. 

Heavyweight Waste has been built with a customer-first approach, from the bottom up.

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